History | APR group of companies


   The Taiwanese group of companies APR specializes on manufacturing and development of Carcass parts, Optics and details of the cooling system. The company was founded in 1986 and cooperates with largest industrial concern in Taiwan.  The manufacturing facilities of partners are located in major industrial centers of Taiwan, Korea and China. To the quality analysis of products the company makes use of the world's leading testing centers. The quality of the company's products meets the requirements of international quality standards ISO QS9000 and SO 9001:2000. 

   Since 1998 the company produce their own brand APR. Today APR Company produce wide range of Auto optics starts from lamp head light, turning back repeaters, turning tail lights, fog lights, mirrors, heat sinks and carcass parts from metal and plastic . The Company are expanding its range of products.

  All products developed according to international requirements and standards. Goods are manufactured by the Japanese, European and Korean analogues. Optics and Carcass parts produce for the European, American, Japanese and Korean Cars.

  APR Optics are tested photometrical and accords to standards SAE/DOT. High quality and excellent reliability of APR parts confirmed by long period exploitation in condition of high temperatures, high humidity, dust, effects of constant vibration.

  The maim merit if APR Company is favorable price-performance ratio of products. The quality of APR products is the same quality of original auto parts, but differ from low-quality fakes advantageously. The APR price is lower then  price for original products. It allows consumers to save money, but not quality.